Derrick talking with Dom.

Derrick Wildoms 
is a character who appears as deuteragonist of several DYOM Missions with Dom.He is best friend of Dom and helps him to clear their names.He works at airport,revealed in the mission Last Flight.He uses model (BMYAP).

Derrick is a punctual,talkative and joyful guy who works at the airport.They first met with Dom at the Santa Maria Beach,and first appeared as phone-caller boss in the mission All South.

Derrick,unlike Dom,lives at the East Los Santos in a middle-luxury apartment,and has a yellow Club.

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Derrick's Club in front of his apartment.


He bought car with his money from his job.His car is yellow and nearly indestructible.Dom can only drive his car in the mission Last Flight.His car speed is 280 kph.Apartment 

Derrick's apartment.

He has a middle-luxury apartment from East Los Santos,probably for close to the airport.His Club is parked in front of building. This building was originally Carl's,but cut before story.     


Dominic Johnson (Friend) 

Carl Johnson (Acquaintance) 

Sweet Johnson (Acquaintance)


All South(phone-call boss)

Russian Business(phone-call boss)

Good Ol'Bros(boss)

Last Flight Mercy Me 


BORN : 26 March 1986 (AGE 28)

NAME : Derrick


SURNAME : Wildoms

FATHER : Eddie Wildoms (Age 59)

MOTHER : Angela Wildoms (Age 57)

BROTHERS-SISTERS : Jennifer Wildoms

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