Dominic as he appears in the mission Russian Business.

Dominic Dom Johnson 
is a character who appears as main protagonist of several DYOM Missions made by TKT.He is cousin of Carl Johnson,who is the protagonist of GTA:SA.His model is (BMYST).

Dominic is an ambitious,generous and quiet character.He is first appeared in All South mission and appears ever since.His best friend,Derrick,helps him to clear their names,he only appears as phone caller boss in All South and Russian Business,but appeared fully in the mission Good Ol'Bros.

Dom is likely a rich guy,having a penthouse in North Los Santos,and having 2 sports cars,Infernus and Cheetah.



Dom with his infernus seen in the mission Good Ol'Bros.

His first car is light blue Infernus.It is first appeared in the mission All South,then appeared every mission ever since.It is so fast and indestructible,can make 360 kph.



Dom with his Cheetah.Infernus can be seen at rear.

His second car is a gold Cheetah.It is first appeared in the mission Russian Business,then appeared every mission ever since.It is just a little bit slower than Infernus,but it is indestructible.Max speed is 340 kph.


Dom's Penthouse.Cheetah and Infernus parked in front of the building.

His penthouse is around Richman and Temple.He lives at the top floor,and owns the whole penthouse after the events of One Last Thing.


Derrick Wildoms (Friend)

Carl Johnson (Cousin)

Tarık Emlik (Boss)


All South

Russian Business

Gool Ol'Bros

Last Flight

Chinese Love

No Space For You

National Hero

Mercy Me


BORN : 14 January 1985 (AGE 29)

NAME : Dominic


SURNAME : Johnson

FATHER : Andrew Johnson (Deceased)

MOTHER : Maria Johnson (Age 54)


COUSINS : Carl Johnson,Sweet Johnson

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